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How to choose plush toys

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Plush toys are one of the favorite toys for children and teenagers.However, even seemingly beautiful things can also harbor dangers.

Therefore, we should consider safety to be our top priority when we are having fun.wealth!

It is particularly important to choose a good plush toy product.Here's my personal take on it at work and in life:


1. First of all, it is necessary to clarify the needs of which age group, and then purchase different toys according to different age groups, mainly considering safety and practicality.

For example, children aged 0-1 should not buy toys with printing or paint coloring.The organic substances in the dye may cause skin allergies to the baby; children under the age of three should not buy toys with small objects that are easy to fall, because children have no sense of danger and may bite the small objects and eat them, causing suffocation.Secure with a pin.

2. Is the material of the outer polar fleece hygienic?It is divided into high and low grades of raw materials, such as plush and short plush (dentex yarn, plain yarn) velvet, plush TIC cloth, etc. This is an important factor in determining the price of a toy.Many sellers shoddy and deceive consumers.

3. Look at the stuffing of plush toys, which is another important factor affecting the price of toys.Good filling cotton is PP cotton, which is the same material as the nine-hole pillow core in the supermarket.It feels good, even.The poor filling cotton is black heart cotton, which feels bad and dirty.

4. Whether the fixed parts are firm (the standard requires 90N force), there are very angry side thorns, whether the moving parts are too small to prevent children from accidentally entering and causing danger when playing, whether the hair direction is the same color or the hair in the same position is the same, Otherwise, different colors will appear in the sun, and the direction of the hair will be reversed, which will affect the appearance.

5. Good workmanship is one of the important factors affecting the quality and value of toys.Can't imagine how good a poorly made toy would be.Carefully check whether the stitching of the toy is fine, whether the handwork is beautiful and firm, whether the appearance is beautiful, whether the left and right postures are symmetrical, whether the manual backlog is soft and fluffy, whether the sutures of each part are firm, and whether the toy accessories are scratched or incomplete.

6. Check whether there are trademarks, brands, safety signs, the mailing address of the manufacturer, etc., and whether the binding is firm.

7. Check the inner and outer packaging, whether the marks are consistent, and whether the moisture-proof performance is good.If the inner packaging is a plastic bag, and the opening size exceeds a certain range, there must be air holes to prevent children from suffocating their heads by mistake.


Eight, detailed purchase knowledge:

eyes looking at toys

The eyes of a premium plush toy are very bright, deep and very magical.They use high-end crystal eyes that feel like you can communicate with them.The eyes of inferior toys are black, rough, dull, and some toys even have air bubbles in their eyes.

Look at the nose and mouth of the toy

Among the plush toys, there are several kinds of animal noses, with foreskin, hand-sewn with wires, and plastic.A good leather nose is made of high-quality leather or artificial leather, and the bridge of the nose is plump and delicate.Inferior nose scalp is rough and not plump enough.Noses made of thread, padded and unpadded, silk, wool and cotton.A good stitched nose, very finely crafted and neatly arranged.However, there are many small workshop-style factories, and the workers have not received formal training, and the work is very poor.Pros and cons of plastic noses.It depends on their workmanship and the quality of the mould.Because the quality of the mold directly affects the quality of the machine head.

Palm and sole material

The materials of the palms and soles are also very particular.When purchasing, pay special attention to its sewing process, that is, whether the workmanship is fine, and whether the materials used for the palm and sole are coordinated with the main body.





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