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How to Pick the Best and Safest Dog Toys

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For dogs and other pets, toys are not a luxury, but a necessity.

Toys are important to your dog's health.When you have to leave your dog at home, toys help fight boredom and provide comfort when they're stressed.Toys can even help prevent certain problem behaviors in your dog.

While cats are very picky about toys, dogs are generally more willing to play with anything they can get their paws on.This means you need to be extra careful in monitoring your dog's playtime to prevent any 'unplanned' activity.

ensure safety

Many factors can affect the safety or danger of a toy, some of which depend on your dog's size, activity level and preferences.Another thing to consider is the environment in which your dog spends time.While we cannot guarantee the safety of any particular toy, we can offer the following guidelines.

Often the things that are most attractive to dogs are often the things that are most dangerous.Prevent dogs from entering your home by removing cords, ribbons, rubber bands, children's toys, pantyhose, and other inedible items that could be swallowed.

Be sure to buy toys that are the right size for your dog.Toys that are too small can easily be swallowed or become lodged in a dog's throat.

Supervise your dog's play with squeaky toys: Your dog may feel that they have to find and destroy the source of the squeaky sound, which means they may swallow it if not paying attention.

Avoid or alter any toy that is not 'dog proof' by removing ribbons, strings, eyes, or other parts that could be chewed on and swallowed.Discard toys when they start to crumble or tear.Check the labels on stuffed toys to see if they say they are safe for children under three and do not contain any dangerous stuffing.Questionable fillings include husks and polystyrene beads, but even the 'safe' fillings aren't really digestible.Remember that plush toys are not indestructible, but some are stronger than others.Plush toys should be machine washable.


Recommended toys

activity toys

Hard rubber toys to chew and carry are fun.For dogs who enjoy tug-of-war and chew on fun textures, rope and braided toys often come in 'bone' shapes with knotted ends.

Tennis balls are great dog toys to grab, but not great chews.Discard any tennis balls that have been chewed on, as they pose a choking hazard to your pet.

distracting toy

Certain types of toys, especially ones filled with broken treats, can keep a puppy or dog busy for hours.(If your vet says your dog can eat peanut butter, make sure it's not sweetened with xylitol -- it's poisonous to dogs- Add some to crushed snacks for even tastier, on-the-go snacks!)

A 'Busy-box' or 'feeder' toy is a large rubber shape that can be filled with treats.By moving the cubes around with its nose, mouth and paws, your dog can get treats.Many dogs who eat too quickly can benefit from feeder-style toys.

soothing toys

Soft plush toys have many uses, but they're not right for all dogs.Here are some tips for choosing the right plush toy:

· Some dogs like to carry plush toys with them.If your dog sees a toy as a companion, choose one that's small enough to carry around.

· Some dogs want to shake or 'kill' their toys, so choose a toy that is large enough to prevent accidental ingestion and strong enough to withstand a dog's attack.

Dirty laundry, such as old t-shirts, pillowcases, towels, or blankets, can be very comfortable for a dog, especially if the items smell like you!Be aware that this item may be destroyed by diligent fluffing, carrying and sniffing.


toys for teething puppies

From 12 weeks to 6 months of age, puppies develop the urge to chew everything as their primary teeth fall out and adult teeth emerge from their gums.Providing teething toys will make them more comfortable and save your hands, shoes and furniture.Durable nylon bones and rubber toys can take weeks of chewing to break into pieces that can be swallowed.You can buy puppy teething toys that are specially designed to be frozen and printed with soothing textures.






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