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What is the Organic Cotton?

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What is the Organic Cotton? 

I believe many people have heard of organic cotton, but do not know what is Organic Cotton. Today let's introduce it for you. 

Organic cotton is a kind of pure natural and pollution-free cotton. In agricultural production, organic fertilizer, biological control of pests and diseases, natural farming and management are the main, no chemical products are allowed, and pollution-free is required in the process of production and spinning. With ecological, green, environmental characteristics; The fabric made of organic cotton has bright luster, soft feel, excellent bounce, drape and wear resistance. It has unique antibacterial and deodorant properties; Relieve allergic symptoms and skin irritation caused by normal fabrics, such as rashes; More conducive to child skin care; Used in summer, it makes people feel particularly cool. The winter USES fleECy and comfortable can eliminate inside body REDUNDANT heat and moisture AGAIN.

Organic cotton is one of the important components of sustainable agriculture. It is of great significance to ecological protection, human health development and green natural ecological clothing. In the process of the organic cotton is a natural farming, growing without the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides and other chemical products, 100% of the natural ecological environment, from seed to harvest, are all natural pollution-free production, even the color is natural, and no chemical drug residues in organic cotton, so will not cause allergies, asthma or atopy dermatitis.





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