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Is attachment to the stuffed toy insecure?

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Many children love stuffed animals and cuddle with them whenever they sleep, eat or go out to play. In this regard, many parents are very confused, is this a sign of children's insecurity? How do you wean a child off stuffed animals?

In fact, this phenomenon is called "soft object attachment" by psychologists, which is a transitional performance of children's independent development. Taking plush toys as "fantasy partners" can help them eliminate tension, and parents need not worry too much.

Psychologist Donald Wincott first studied the phenomenon of children's attachment to a soft toy or object, and believed that this phenomenon has transitional significance in the psychological development of children. He named the soft objects to which children are attached as "transitional objects". As children grow older and become more psychologically independent, they naturally transfer that emotional support elsewhere.

A study by Richard Passman, a child psychologist at the University of Wisconsin, also found that this kind of "soft object attachment" complex is common around the world. For example, in the United States, the Netherlands, New Zealand and other countries, the proportion of children with "soft object attachment" complex is up to 3 out of 5, and the proportion is 1 out of 5 in South Korea. It can be seen that some children are attached to plush toys or soft things is very normal. In addition, it is worth noting that among the children who love stuffed animals, most of them are not insecure and have a good parent-child relationship with their parents.

As for those children who are extremely dependent on plush toys, how should parents guide them correctly? Here are three suggestions. First, don't force abstinence. Distract your child from a particular toy by finding alternatives that other children like. Second, cultivate children's other interests, guide them to explore new things, so as to slowly reduce the attachment to plush toys; Third, encourage your child to say goodbye to the things he or she loves so that he or she knows that more and more interesting things are waiting for them.

In fact, in addition to children, many adults also have a certain soft attachment complex, such as they like to put stuffed toys as gifts, see the cute dolls in the doll machine is not resistant; For example, some people prefer fluffy pajamas to other fabrics, as do sofa cushions and blankets. These items make people feel relaxed and comfortable, and can even reduce stress.





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