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Plush toy making basic procedures

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According to the design draft, determine the size and proportion of the sample

Before making the pattern, be sure to determine the size of the sample you make, and determine the scale of the drawing according to the size. At the same time according to the sample size, to determine the physical sample of each part of the proportion. Toys out of the pattern to start from the whole, from the large plate, generally from the body, so easy to expand other plate according to this, easy to modify. 


Toy pattern and three-dimensional space connection 

Fabric toy paper pattern piece, is to change the plane map into a three-dimensional shape, which requires the designer to have a certain space imagination ability when the piece, the performance of these on the paper. The size, direction and shape of a radian can reflect the level of a designer. On the surface, the full and rounded fabric doll after the row can reflect mature experience and skills. Such as the regular plush doll's head, the front should be round, two cheeks should be full, the side should be round, but also full, the tip of the mouth slightly turned up, the forehead should be wide and smooth, similar to the head of children so cute. 

These on the paper are certain exquisite and conception, which also contains some design skills, but also experience. We can simply understand that the three faces form a three-dimensional space, which can be understood as a head, body and legs. Therefore, in the paper pattern, designers should be from the perspective of three-dimensional space to open a combination of paper files. As for those simulated patterns, they're a little more elaborate, and the basic principle is this.

The influence of toy painting on the designer's paper pattern

General pattern through the side, front, bottom to take large cut, designers can draw these toys, a lot of help to the pattern, I am not deliberately to pay attention to the shape of the pattern, that will give up the end, counterproductive. But the pattern shape of a toy is based on the shape of the toy drawing, the toy drawing has the right proportions and relatively speaking, the pattern will have the right proportions. This reduces the number of toy attempts to improve efficiency (some large pieces can be taken directly from toy drawings) and saves material. Therefore, toy pattern designers should constantly strengthen their own painting modeling ability.

The relationship between toy pattern and production

The paper pattern designed by mature designers should be image and simple, so as to facilitate the mass production of the factory and not bring production difficulties to the factory, as far as possible to reduce some complex manual work, so that the production can be completed smoothly. Good, mature samples should be cute on the shape, the proportion is correct and reasonable, concise on the pattern, image, conducive to the production of typesetting, cutting, material saving, low production cost.

Toy pattern and safety relationship

The safety of paper pattern mainly refers to the safety of the accessories combination of toys, especially baby toys belt, scarf, bag cloth buttons, clip car strip, etc., designers must take into account the problem of safety, in the design of paper pattern, not only to achieve their own goals: image, beautiful and try to make it attached to the toy, exposed to the gap to achieve a small baby's little finger can not be put in, It can't be pulled off. Because children are easy to tear toys, some of the designer's patterns fail to take into account the grain direction of the fabric and the physical properties of the pattern, and make some easy to expand the fabric texture of the opening position, arc position, paper diagonal * position, etc., are easy to make toys tear and go, exposing the stuffing, causing harm to children. Therefore, designers in the pattern, must take into account the safety of the problem, improve the pattern.


Strictly speaking, toy opening technology is a process of observation, analysis, segmentation, calculation and development. Whether simple or complex modeling, we can according to this step, step by step processing. Just as we do a arithmetic problem, know the principle of structure, know how to use various formulas and theorems to carry out geometric operations, everything is so simple. The difficulty lies in the ability to visualize the space and divide the toy shape. Without good stereoscopic imagination, it is impossible to establish a complete structural consciousness.

So there's no place to start on the segmentation and the other thing is, you have the structure and the three-dimensional form of the toy, but you don't know which part is the most appropriate part to do the segmentation.





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